Do you like swearing? Do you like surveys?

The angriest bat Your two great passions are united in my thrilling questionnaire about your profanity usage. If you’re from the United States or Turkey, please take a minute to fill out one of the surveys below! I’ll post the results soon. Subscribe using the red bar at the top of the page for updates […]

Turkish Graffiti

One of my great hobbies is complaining about the weather. Any deviation from a strict 70 degrees will do for this; my habitat is definitely the indoors. Vermont Februaries, I think darkly to myself these days, are savage and merciless, the crocodile of the seasons. Crocodiles are unstoppable Google tells me it’s -10 F outside, […]

Survivor’s Guide to CELTA

Confession: I check my blog stats all the time. All the time. I suspect that many (most?) bloggers do this. There’s a sense of great satisfaction when one of the numbers clicks up. Someone read a thing I wrote! A stranger in Somalia! A stranger in Belgium! I am an Internet Ambassador! Okay, maybe not […]

Dialects and conquests

As you can tell, I’ve become very lazy busy and important recently, and let this blog fall by the wayside. Maybe we can start off my first entry in months with a little puzzle? The janissaries sat in their yurts eating shish kebabs, then they washed down some baklava with yogurt. You know I’m up […]

23; still childish

Saturday was my first day as a 23-year old. I spent most of it sprawled out in bed, feeling like I’d been run over by a truck (note for parents: I was up late reading to the elderly and vaccinating orphans). When I finally emerged into the living room, clutching at my head and keeping […]

The ant prayer

As much as I love Harry Potter, the books did leave me with one nagging concern. Why doesn’t anybody use the Internet? Have I vastly overestimated the state of modern technology in England? Is this why my British friends haven’t been answering my emails? More likely, I guess, is that a world full of computer-savvy […]

On language learning

Nine pm in Beyoğlu. I’m out on the third-floor balcony of the spare office room I’m inhabiting until I can afford an apartment, looking out over the goings-on on Asmalımescit below. It’s calm down there- the little delinquents who spent the afternoon plotting on the stoop with cigarettes dangling from their mouths seem to have […]


Blah blah Ataturk, blah blah Bulgaria, but what about what you’re actually doing now? Fear not, I’m about to explain. Today is my day off. Friday isn’t usually my free day, but things have been getting shuffled around a lot recently, what with people getting fired and rehired and Ilker, the manager, planning to close […]