Psychosis: Leaving Home – Part Four

By Jessica Doonan Christmas arrived, inviting, consistent and warm with its sounds and smells. 7 months since my father’s suicide. 7 months since the fuselage of my life gave way, breaking open with the pressure of a thousand rivers, a thousand lies, a thousand truths none of us wanted to face. Breach was everywhere for […]

Psychosis: Leaving Home – Part Three

I. 10:15 am A curly-haired woman sits at the front of the Day Room, smiling at us. Only four patients came to Mindfulness Therapy today. The man next to me keeps nodding off on the table, the fluffy ring of white hair encircling his skull bobbing gently up and down with his breathing. “Take a […]

Psychosis: Leaving Home – Part Two

by Jessica Doonan I clicked ‘play’ on Cocorosie’s first album with the same pause and clenched jaw one physically prepares before playing a song tied to a previous love and loss. It hurts, but it makes you remember, and that gives it purpose. Cocorosie is placed in what I can only assume is a fairly […]

Psychosis: Leaving Home – Part One

It’s a drizzling day in April. It’s two am. It’s five pm. It doesn’t matter in the darkness and nobody knows. I’m inside, of course. I’m always inside. Things are happening again. My days are lived in shreds and scraps, like this one: shrouded in a ripped quilt, I sink into myself, the visceral terror […]